• Servizi Logistica
    Logistics and Warehouse Services
  • Servizi Fiere
    Presence in Fairs
  • Servizi Mercato
    Local Markets Organization
  • Servizi Legale
    Legal advice


The main services offered by China 2000 Srl are consulting and assistance to companies for feasibility studies, Marketing and Commercial Promotion.

The company's mission is to understand the needs of Italian companies and establish a system with Chinese companies, offering Italian companies the services necessary to support commercial actions for entry into the Chinese market. The services offered are: legal, accounting and administrative, sourcing, quality control, marketing, facilitated finance, logistics, certification in import or export.
China 2000 Srl offers to their clients a series of services "from" and "towards" China based on the "step by step" strategy necessary to control spending budgets in relation to results obtained.
China 2000 Srl is supported by qualified consultants for the search for grants to finance the various stages of internationalization.

Consulting and assistance to companies for feasibility studies
China 2000 Srl provides consulting and training services for many national companies, but also institutions, associations and bodies. Some of their clients are ICE, Regione Sicilia, Regione Toscana, Politecnico di Milano, Toscana Promozione, San Miniato Savings Bank, Unindustria Bologna, CdO Toscana, CNA Prato, Confindustria Siena, IFOA, Confartigianato Firenze, CNA Forli, CCIAA Emilia Romagna , Trapani Chamber of Commerce.
It is also a company accredited by the Ministry of Economy as official supplier of consulting services for internationalization.
It is a member of Confartigianato Firenze and is a self-certified member of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement.

Marketing and Commercial Promotion
China 2000 Srl organizes promotional monthly events like :B2B and B2C, art exhibitions, cultural events, fairs, missions, market week, inviting Chinese delegations in Italy and bringing Italian companies and products in China, either in their offices and showrooms and attending the main international trade fairs.
The marketing and promotion activities are always connected to the commercial action aimed to the sale. All the phases of these activities are managed and controlled using the direct commercial instruments such as the Chinese company, the office and showroom, the warehouses, the online store and the retail store.